Running DOS under Win 7

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I also run an old DOS-only programme ... why?

Because it has some 3,500 chemical kit labels that would take forever to replicate and it is a simple matter to run still in DOS under XP-PRO - I mainly use Win7 Ultimate but as I have a few programmes I can run under XP (NOT under Win7 - and do not want the Virtual XP machine route) I can, at boot up, opt to boot from the drive that contains XP - simple. All my drives can be accessed (well, the ones with programmes and files as on separate drive) from either Win7 or XP. One programme is Inksaver - I can print many things like Newsletters saving up to around, on average, 45% ink and still have very readable documents. No use, of course, with ordinary cartridges, as chips measure throughput, not actual ink use but with Refillables and CIS units, saves a lot of ink for such work. The boot-up drive choice works wonders as and when required. Because of programmes, on separate drive and their files, can access and work with same files whether using Win7 or XP, so can, for example, create files when running either Win7 or XP and access using either, hence the printing ink saving is a bonus. That programme, BTW, does not install under Win7.

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