Sensor size "battle" on Mirrorless cameras ? Who will win

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Re: Smaller is better. Smaller will win

Everdog wrote:

IQ by sensor size is getting to the point where it matters very liitle. Currently it makes little difference.

Maybe to you, but others will want that little bit extra low light capability without noise. Fast primes is not a solution for everybody. They are expensive.

That leaves DoF. I would argue more DoF is better because you can take away DoF, but you can't put it back. There is already SW that that quickly can take away 1 stop of DoF, and it is hard to tell. That SW will get better and better over time.

call it fifty fifty

Now we are left with size and weight. APS lenses will always be larger and heavier.

always? My Lumix 14-45 is 60mm x 60mm and 195g.

The new Canon 18-55 is 61 x 61 and 210g. Hardly any difference here, and these are bread-and-butter lenses.

So there you go. When comparing APS and M43

  • IQ for both will be virtually the same and "good enough"

  • M43 will offer more options because you can't fix shallow DoF

  • Size and weight got to M43

So there you go. Providing the price difference is negligible, I would always go for the APS-C. M43 no longer has the size advantage. And there are limits to the small size. I have the G3 and it is too small. Hard to hold without accidentally pressing some buttons.

All will now depend on Canon how quickly they will roll out the new system, what their EVF will be like, what quality their lenses will be, and how greedy they will be in regards to prices.

Take the new fast zooms from Panasonic - each to cost $1000 plus. Big chance for Canon.

In two years time the EOS-M could be a big headache for the m43 camp, and more choice for us.

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