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Re: Howard - I was wrong about the NAPP discount; I called NAPP..


The point of my previous post was that you are not forced to upgrade; you do so voluntarily. You justify an upgrade "to stay current". I cannot argue with that since I don't know what you've been doing with CS5. However; as a CS5 user I can tell you that the more I use the product the more I learn I didn't know--with many more ways to accomplish the same end product. Guessing, I think I use 10-20% of the software's features. That, using raw conversion, brushes, layers, blending, and much more than I want to list here. Sometimes I feel like I should have earned a degree in physics to work proficiently with many Adobe products. With millions and millions of lines of code, it's not surprising that most people, like high end DSLRs use a fraction of the camera's functions.

CS5 is a good yet complex product which requires a great deal of learning and practice. I wonder if upgrading is an exercise in the law of deminishing returns. This from a person who is eyeing a new full frame camera after photokina and a 2014 Acura NSX or perhaps a 427 Corvette convertible, although the vehicles may be more of an old teenage dream than reality.

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