Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

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Re: Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

pavinder wrote:

mosswings wrote:

With the advent of non-rotating legs, lever locks are not as advantageous....

Thanks for your reply and advice - very helpful.

The comment on non-rotating legs however is totally new news to me. The main reason I've never liked twist locks is that the lower sections of the leg would often spin along with the locking ring if there was any contact with my hand.

Are you saying that lower sections of the legs of newer tripods won't spin in this way? If that's the case it would change things a lot for me...

Is it only certain brands/price brackets which are like this, or is it now the norm?

Seems to now be the norm for CF legs; as recently as a couple of years ago it was a higher cost option. Rotating legs (if at all offered) are offered as a lower cost option within the same product line, particularly with the entry of Chinese companies like Sirui and Benro into the market. Photo Clam is also now offering CF leg tripods, but at a bit higher price. The high-priced spread (Gitzo, RRS) have been non-rotating for several years.

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