replicating Oly colors in LR... impossible?

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Re: replicating Oly colors in LR... impossible?

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

IB of RPP just posted comparison of the data that XRite itself uses for its OEM software for Passport ("REF") vs measurement of a particular XRite Passport target ("SAMPLE") :

so basically if you do not measure your own target like this (not individually profiled by manufacturer and then some colors probably can fade over time even in that case) and/or use a software that does not allow custom measurement to be used then here is your precision (and it might be worse or better - but you don't know).

Very interesting data, and the errors are really a lot closer than I would have thought.

Of course there are going to be differences from card to card, and each is going to have its own errors. Likewise there are going to be differences in measuring devices, and each is going to have its own errors. But who is in error? I have immense respect for Iliah and love his work. But the question still arises as to whose measurements are the more precise?

One of the interesting things to note about those results is that the vast proportion of L and a errors are positive, suggesting a measurement bias. Just where that bias is coming from is necessarily an open question.

Another element of interest is that, if you look at the difference in the color with the largest relative L error (13) as created in, say, PS, it is perceptibly nill. For all but the most demanding needs (I suppose there are some), these errors are of no practical significance. The relative L error for color 13 is just over 5% and the overall relative root mean square error for L is only 2.6%. I'm sure these errors are swamped by those that occur in lighting and otherwise capturing the target during the calibration process.

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