Nex5n which xx-300 zoon with IS and which adapter to use?

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Re: Nex5n which xx-300 zoon with IS and which adapter to use?

As I said in an earlier post on this thread, I have the Sigma 70-300 f/4-5.6 OS model, and use it with good results with the LA-EA2 adapter on an NEX-5N. No, it's not pocketable, but it is packable.

Yesterday I received a "new old stock" Tamron 1.4X Teleconverter for Minolta mount. So far, I'm happy to report the "LA-EA2 + 1.4X tele + Sigma zoom" combo does retain autofocus in many cases.

Max aperture on the Sigma at 300mm is f/5.6, so I was afraid the light loss (is it 1/2 or 1/3 - the debate rages on) from the LA-EA2 mirror in combination with the 1-stop loss from the 1.4X converter would mean NO autofocus at the long end. But I got it to lock on most of the time in daylight shooting. For some reason, it performed better with a "wide" autofocus seting than it did with center or spot.

I know it's debatable whether ANY teleconverter is a good choice compared to just cropping in post. I'm headed to Alaska soon, and wanted whatever exrta reach I could "justify" for little delta cost or bag space. My expectations are fairly low, so any shot that I get where I can say "look, it's a bald eagle" and you can actually tell it is, I'll be happy. This combo will give me 630mm equivalent focal length, so it's worth a shot. I'll try and post some shots if anybody is interested.

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