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Predatory pricing?

Firstly, I understand your frustration/anger. However; you realize frustration and anger are both selfish emotions based on your circumstance and desires (selfish here is not a pejorative, simply a statement of universal fact). Companies base the price and availability of their products on the law of supply and demand — not individual emotion, and will sell their product(s) accordingly. The price drop of 5dMkii is a case in point. People who are taken in by advertising, or should I say puffery, are particularly susceptible to buyer’s remorse or complaints like this. There is an old Latin saying “Caveat emptor” Let the buyer beware. It remains true today for all goods and services.

Predatory means taking advantage of a circumstance where the buyer has no or next to no options but to pay (adhesion contract, or more egregiously a gouging transaction). For example: a hardware store raises the price of plywood 400% or more because a hurricane is forecast. That is different than a hotel charging different rates based on seasonal demand. In both cases same product but vastly different prices. So which is predatory and which is supply and demand? I suspect its definition in many people’s minds depends solely on whether the perceived or actual additional cash comes out of or goes into their pocket.

In sum, most reputable companies do not engage in predatory practices, without regard to your feelings. After all you do still have a choice.

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