D800 - 24-70 at 70mm, iso 100. Not bad

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Re: Actually...

FTH wrote:

Interesting Coudet,

why dont you try to develop all the non-sense that has been said by the others ? Are you guys affraid of going into it ?

this is not a technical nor a professional forum anymore, just a bunch of no-life douchy strangers having a bad time.

Have fun !

Why do you keep saying that the people who disagree with you have no life? It is pretty pathetic and doesn't reflect well on you. You already tried the classic "how old are you" argument maybe you should move on to the "my dad is stronger than your dad", that seems to be about your level. You, yourself, panned the D3200. I quoted what you said and ever since then you have started with personal insults. 7 year olds who can't win an argument resort to name calling.

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