RX100 quick impressions (hey, some NEX users care!)

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RX100 quick impressions (hey, some NEX users care!)
  • Zoom control tells you the magnification, but not the focal length until you look at a captured picture. I've worked out that 1.3x = 35mm

  • On restart, it does not remember the focal length.

  • Manual mode does not support Auto-iso. That would be the ideal setup for with explicit control of both shutter and aperture via dials.

  • Auto-iso, while supporting min and max ISO, doesn't provide any control over min shutter speed (that I can find). I'd like to move that way up from 1/30 sec for street shooting.

  • Stabilized video is very impressive. Too bad I don't do much video!

  • Touching the glass of the lens while the unit is closed is easier than you might think. The blinds just open up under your finger if you put it there.

  • It's heavy, the only deterrent from putting it in a shirt pocket

  • The multi-metering doesn't seem too reliable I have a lot of over and underexposed shots. (But then I am testing in very contrasty lunch-time conditions, stealth shooting, etc. But the NEX seems to be much much better with this.)

  • Close focusing is awesome, but you probably already knew that

  • It takes three clicks on two controls to delete an image, up from 2/2 on the NEX (and two clicks on delete button on Nikon SLRs)

  • The silent shutter makes a tiny tiny sound, close enough though

  • Wheel configuration similar to NEX.

  • If they ever make a similar model the same size, but (somehow) with a flip up touchscreen to focus/shoot, it would be the ultimate stealth camera.

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