NEX-5N better than EOS M for everything else

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Re: You're right NEX-5N beats the EOS-M hands down

What "sort of people" are they?

Are they the sort of people who care that with the EOS-M they can get the same image quality as owners of the EOS 7D? Do they care about the build quality (alloy frame etc.) Do they care that a stereo mic input is included? Do they care that Canon has made careful design decisions about what to leave off a camera so that it is small, lightweight, and uncomplicated to operate? Are they the sort of people who care that the first prime lens with the EF-M mount is a 35mm equivalent F2?

There are photos around on the web of Canon showing off pre-production EOS-M cameras attached to all of their 60+ EOS lenses. Some say this is laughable. But just knowing you can do that might make some owners of these lenses wonder about having a small second camera that is much smaller than the DSLR they already have, and they might want to add this to their bag.

I think that there is a big disconnect between what Canon thinks about it's new mirrorless cameras and some pundits on this site. Time will tell who got it right.

I have only a single real sample of people who are interested in the EOS-M. And I use raw. 100% so far. At least that is more real data than you have.

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