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Re: They have B&W perception of the world.

Roger99 wrote:

I would be fascinated to see a routing division of the forum. All American traffic down one channel and the rest of us split down another. Would the rest of us revert to some semblance of civility? I remember that the British based DPR was a little more civilized even with Americans using it. Would it go back to that again?

The American side would certainly continue as is right up until the next civil war. They rarely notice the rest of the world anyway and having it removed would just let them get on with the serious business of leader bashing and figuratively shooting each other.

Mentor_1 wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

so is this just is another anti american post by a non american?

I rest my case

I was talking to a retired civil English engineer a few weeks ago. This guy has spent most of his professional life working overseas for international engineering companies. He has worked in Asia, Latin America, Europe, middle east, Canada and the US. He told me there is something he could never understand with the Americans, for them everything must be black or white, they can never think of anything in the middle.

How true when you read posts by some American posters here.

Posting from Vancouver.

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