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Apple - Customer Service - Quality

I have been a long time mac user, and I like them a lot, I know there are many things that can be improved, but overall they are pretty good.

When I switched to apple, windows 2000 and NT was the norm. So it has been for quite some time.

I have old macs working flawlessly and I keep buying the new ones.

I noticed the quality is getting down recently, Ipad 3, I have an order number to get replacement. It has WIFI connectivity issues. My new macbook pro (3 month old) is at the apple store for repair. It had several components failing one by one, until the point the ethernet didn't work, fan run 100% of the time while cpu was not overheating, glitches on software caused for hardware malfunctioning, etc.

I took it to the store, after the guy from Apple support told me that they might change the laptop for a new one. When at the store, it was a different story.

I was 5 minutes early, I had to wait 15 minutes after the appointment for a "genius" to get to me.

I explained all the symptoms and he verified them himself. I asked if there was a chance to get a new one to replace it. He asked where I bought it, and I said Amazon.

"Well, if you bought it at the store we might replace it, but because it was amazon we don't", Uhhh!!!

They took it for repair and told me it might take 5 to 7 days (calendar days) to tell me what was wrong. They also told me that I will have to wait all the time several minutes after the appointment, because they are so busy. I could bypass if I upgrade to "busiiness" (I don't remember the exact name for that type of service), I can bypass any other customer and get priority in everything. This will cost me $500.00 a year.

Since when Apple is becoming "United/Continental airlines" that they charge you for what is suppose normal business?

I called Apple support trying to get a better response and they called the store asking for the status of my machine. He told me that because the computer is at the store there is nothing they can do and the manager there has the last word.

He told me that the computer will be send to a "Depot" to get fixed where they will change a lot of components that might be wrong and they will fix it in 7 business days.

Is this the new Apple? Where there are 2 types of customer service.
Where is the quality? Have you guys experienced something like this?

I had problems before and it was smooth sailing with Apple, now is like it was with the old "Compaq" computers. A fight against a 1000 gorilla.

Sorry, I had to vent.

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