Is there a visible difference between IQ of D800 and D3200?

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Re: Is there a visible difference between IQ of D800 and D3200?

Under really good conditions, and shooting JPEG I don't think you would see much difference. But if you're asking about overall image quality that's a completely different scenario. I have owned a D1X, D100, D200(2), D7000, D700, D800e, and the closest comparison I can point to is between the D7000 and D700. The key to your question is that the image was taken under good conditions, including light, distance, movement of the subject, etc.

under perfect conditions and shooting JPEG the D7000 was as good or maybe even a little better than the D700.
Shooting in RAW which is what I do 99% of the time the D700 was better.

shooting in less-than-perfect conditions the D700 was better 90% of the time, and the worse the condition the better it got. And shooting RAW the D700 was always better.

Although I did prefer the D7000 for walking around, the size and weight were just easier deal with especially after a long day of hiking.

but you could make this argument with almost any generation of camera. Even the D1X under perfect conditions will give you an image that would be hard to tell the difference from the D7000. You could make the same argument with the D3100 or D5100. Versus a D3X, D3200, or any of the newer generations.

All in all there are so many things that should be considered when buying a new camera, this is just one of many questions your friend should be asking. And I wouldn't even say it's the most important. I think that how the camera feels in your hand, and how quickly you will learn the controls, are both more important.

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