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Re: G3 to EM5 Question

I have the OM-D and my wife has the G3. It depends on what you are looking for as to whether it is worth the money to upgrade. I primarily use my cameras for photographing birds, and for portraits so take that into account wrt my opinions. In my mind:

G3 Pros
-Better built in-grip (even if still a bit small)

-I prefer its autofocus for wildlife - the smallest focusing area is really useful

OM-D Pros
-IBIS (only a pro if you like primes or non panny lenses)
-Much better dynamic range. Really quite an amazing difference.
-Slightly better high ISO image quality, but really not that huge IMHO

There are a whole bunch of other differences that may be pros/cons for other people, but those are the differences that matter to me.

I think the G3 is way better value for money, however the OM-D is a better camera (especially with the optional grip). So it really depends on how important the cost of the camera is vs the importance of its benefits over the G3.

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