Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

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Re: Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

ebay auction: 261058393455 This is a flip lock version of Benro's travel angel. C-169, the flip lock version are also availabe in a 4 section and a 268 bigger 4 section. The head is ok. the rest of the pod is very stable. folded is 15.5" Carbon is better for stability than alluminum. hang you bag or something from the hook. YOU have to buy from asia and shipping is ussually les than 2 weeks. any part is avialable in the US.

I also favor flip locks. however twist locks are moisture resistant. Also make sure you take your dual wrench & allens just incase. Better head would be a photoclam!
Photclam also makes some great travel pods but only in twist locks

Benro travel pods also come with a built in monopod option in twistlocks and a 069 series in twist lock.

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