D800 or D800E?

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Re: differences almost non existent

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

I read a bit of that thread and everyone seemed to come to the same conclusion as I did above...yes there's a difference, and yes it's extremely minor in most situations.

One thing I didn't agree with is that they seemed to think there was a significant issue with moire, when EVERYTHING else I've read, particularly user reports with thousands of images, suggest it is absolutely a non-issue. I recall a thread on here with one gentlemen claiming to have over 6500 moire-free images thus far..that is 2 years worth of pictures for me! Haha.

DXO shows the D800E better for ISO, yet 0.1 EV less DR and 0.3 few bits of color depth. I'm only guessing, but I would think you would notice that less than the extra sharpness and ISO, if you were picky enough to look for all those things. Most users wouldn't tell a difference, I wouldn't think.

Anyways, I'm not trying to start an argument, as like I said I am in the shopping phase so I cannot comment from my own experience, but I still see no reason so far not to get the "E". ISO performance is better, it's slightly sharper, and moire isn't an issue except under extremely specific conditions, at which point the D800 would also likely have moire as it's AA filter is very weak. If I have to process a D800E file less than a D800 file, and it saves me time, that's worth something too.

Obviously they are both near perfect cameras, and you can't go wrong with either. I just struggle to find reasons NOT to get the "E" assuming the extra $300 isn't an issue. I shoot almost exclusively landscape and wildlife.

For me it might even come down to what's in stock when I have the money :).



That's certainly a reasonable stance to take, Mark.

I have the D800 and I'm not keen to defend it either. I can easily sell it off and get the E model if I really want to.

But I am not a pro and I find that in my everyday use, I hardly even exploit the maximum resolution out of the D800 for a variety of reasons: slight focusing error (even the slightest can make a big difference), lenses that are not top notch in the f4 region where it matters the most, slight handshake altho i do try to keep the shutter speed as high as possible, and slight loss of sharpness as the ISO is raised. In other words, my technique leaves much to be desired. But no way am I going to use a tripod and live view every time I want to take a photo -- it's just not practical. The potential gain in resolution, to me, is not worth the trouble.

Further, the maximum print size I'll usually make is 12 x 18 inches. At this size, the D800 has more than enough resolution such that there is no observable difference between a D800 and 800E.

So, as many other have pointed out, if I am truly, truly unhappy with the resolution of the D800, I should be looking at medium format, not the E model.

In other words, I am the sort of user who'd be perfectly happy if the D800 has 24 instead of 36MP. 36MP is a bonus and it even comes with a weak AA filter. Great! I can shoot HD videos without too much worries about moire either.

Just another perspective on rather this vexing issue.

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