Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

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Re: Carbon Fibre tripod - advantages? disadvantages? Advice please...

Geedorama wrote:

You will be able to lose about 1kg total weight with CF legs in a tripod with enough height for you (Feisol CT-3441T, Sirui 1200 series). You're already traveling with a ballhead that's 30% lighter than anything else on the market. CF tripods are less prone to vibration and are stiffer than alu; the trick for maximum damping and stablility is leg diameter, minimizing the number of leg sections, and using the hanging hook. Any tripod will get more squirrely in the wind; again, the trick here is to increase the weight of the mounting platform to more than 2x the weight of the camera equipment+ballhead by hanging your pack from the hook. Weight limitations of the tripod when doing so can be dealt with by hanging your pack from the hook with a cord and lifting one end of the pack up by the cord until you reach the load you want.

With the advent of non-rotating legs, lever locks are not as advantageous, and you generally won't find them on the lower-priced CF tripods. They're also more compact than lever locks of the Manfrotto variety, so have noticeable advantages for a travel tripod. You'll have to accept that.

Cost wise, CF ain't cheap. Around $400 seems to be entry level for any CF tripod from any manufacturer.

Bottom line, if reducing your pack weight by a pound out of 30 or 40 is worth $400 to you, CF is how to do it. But that's not much weight reduction. If you're talking a day pack with maybe 8-10kg all up, yeah, then CF makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, the heaviest part of your kit is the camera equipment.

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