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Over the last 12 years working as a photo assistant, Mac consultant, and pro photographer, I've worked with almost every brand of external hard drive, and almost every single one of them, including premium (overpriced) brands, suffered failures at one time or another. The way to avoid catastrophe is not to choose the "best" brand, but to have backups.

I like LaCie. Yes, I've seen them fail, but no more than other brands. Most of their failures were related to old power supplies, which were easily and cheaply replaced. Their D2 enclosures are sturdy, handsome, intelligent (auto sleep) and reasonably priced. Most of the 10 external & portable drives I own are LaCie. One that I handed down to my mom is going strong after 6 (SIX!) years of continuous use.

OTOH, I will never buy a WD MyBook drive. A client of mine had three out of four fail within two months of purchase, and the thin plastic enclosures struck me as particularly flimsy.

I beg the differ. I bought 10 of them at work 5 years ago. They have been on 24/7 since and not a single failure. I have one at home, 4 years old, 24/7 since. Works perfect.

My team at work also bought LaCie drives as backups for our laptops 5-6 years ago. They have all died...

Most external drive failures are related to the bridge boards or power supplies, not the drive mechanisms, so it's worth spending a little more for an enclosure that's well-engineered and well-built.

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Very different here: Of four WD MyBook drives bought in the last 5 years, three of them have died. I had clients who run these LaCie drives without any issues on the other hand.

So the conclusion is that it's pointless to what drives are best...they all have about the same failure rate.

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