Upgrading from XTi, need help with purchase order

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Re: Upgrading from XTi, need help with purchase order

1. I said this before and say it again: for video alone, video camera is better IMO

2. believe it or not 650D has better focusing during video than 60D due to hybrid sensor. Right now focusing is the biggest problem when using DSLR for video and therefore IMO 650D is better.

3. I think GlideCam is mostly used to reduce camera shake when walking/moving and recording video. IMO due to poor autofocusing of DSLR in general, the best way to shoot video would be stationary, from tripod, prefocusing ahead of time. If you move around your biggest problem won't be shake but AF, me think, so I would imagine glidecam would be somehow redundant.

4. Your choice of lenses is not the best for video use: Canon came out with 2 STM lenses specially designed for video, they should be very quiet so sound of AF motor is not recorded and they should work better with hybrid sensor like the one used on 650D.

Frankly, if I was you I would get 650D with 18-135 stm kit lens, get nice video camera, skip the glide cam and possibly get 70-200 or maybe even 100-400 later.


I have an XTi with the 18-55 kit lens. Based on budget, necessity, and personal desires I have put together a list of components to fill my camera bag properly.

Current plan:
Retain XTi (for now)
Purchase 24-70 2.8
Sell Xti, Purchase 60D
Purchase GlideCam 2000
Purchase 16-35 2.8
Purchase 70-200 4.0

I want good clean pictures without the need of Photoshop. I'm not a rookie but I'm not writing camera reviews either. I want to do HD video and play with video editing and see if the way I see things will entertain people. While a point & shoot will record my son growing up, I want the technical side of photo taking to be covered.

I put the new camera second for too reasons. The XTi won't do video. Also, I want the features like the higher burst count, more ISO settings, better processor, and live view.

Am I headed in the right direction? Do I have my priorities (gear) in the wrong order for my goals? I only want Canon lenses and I want good glass so I'm sticking with the "L" series. Are there other good lenses out that meet my goals? I'm not stuck on the 2.8 wide angle, since most of those shots will be outside, I could do 3.5-5.6 or a 4.0

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