WTF, Now Hispanic Americans, Are Being Murdered By "White Police" In California

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Re: "...if you run, be prepared to be shot." (Are You For Real ??)

So you're telling me that USA racists cops, as we are seeing in California, have the Right / Authority to murder a Hispanic American Citizen, by deliberately shooting him or her in the "Back" just because this citizen is running. At the whim of the Racists Cops, this Hispanic Citizen's God given Life is Taken By Said Cops Because Said Citizen Is Running Away from the Cops with his "Back Turned" towards the Racists Cops?? And, so this is now the kind of country the USA has disintegrated to ??

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happypoppeye wrote:

Really don't know the specifics but I do know the hispanic was running from the cops so I applaud the cops for shooting him and would like to see anyone shot that runs from the cops.

If your not doing anything wrong, there is no reason to run. I think the issue is that the cops have to come out and say that they will shoot if you run so all you guys with a lack of common sense don't sue. ...and I don't care if your white, black, yellow, orange or green ...if you run, be prepared to be shot.

BRJR wrote:

This has long been a racist tactic and conspiracy against "Black" California residents; and, now California racists cops are commiting the exact same repression and murdering of our fine Hispanic American Citizens and those in the hispanic community that are speaking out about this violence and genocide:

(here's a link to more, for our international forum participants to see for themselves how minorities are truly treated in the USA, and in California specifically)

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