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Re: Thom is just seeking some attention

glastoria wrote:

All the serious guys testing the D800(E) are enthusiast about the camera: Lloyd Chambers, Michael Reichmann, Mark Dubovoy, who is normally extremely sceptical when talking about DSLR, Roger Cicala, Ming Thein, who had the AF issue, they all consider the D800(E) as the best camera around.

Thom probably wants to be different, he needs attention...

Well you didn't read Lloyd Chambers test then did you? He found that the D800 he tested had substantial LAF problem - see D800 review "Autofocus AF-C Accuracy: Nikon 85/1.4G, 85/1.8G (Mosaic)" - you'll need a subscription.

Yes he does love the sensor output of the camera. Can't we distinguish between issues here? This camera is both blessed and cursed all at the same time.
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