Canon EOS 5Diii and CS4 Raw. Help

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Absolutely not.

First off, when I load an image into DPP and ACR, and turn everything to zero in both, it is clear that DPP is doing some pre-processing. I think folks mistake that for a better conversion.

DPP is to any recent version of ACR as a butter knife is to a surgeon's scalpel.

One has to understand that ACR is a complex program compared to DPP that has a fairly steep learning curve. It took a while for me to develop a usable work flow. Now, the program seems simple to use but like any software program these days, the help features are rudimentary and offered just to say there is a help feature and experimentation is required.

I can't get the results out of DPP that approaches that of ACR.

But you are right. Using DPP would be the best solution if you are trying to avoid upgrade costs ($199 I think). However, putting conversions aside for the moment, I must re-state again that the improvements in features inside PS CS6 vs CS4 are well worth the price of upgrade.

riknash wrote:

Will the DPP export/import into CS4 be as good a quality compared to the direct loading of the RAW into CS6?

boels069 wrote:

Use DPP and export to CS4.

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