My first impression of Samsung NX210

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Re: and my biggest gripe....

Strange, how after a wall of text of praise, comes the HUGE problem with it.

xlotus wrote:

I suddenly just remember my BIGGEST gripe against Samsung NX210.

The image processing time is so SLOOOOWWWWW and FREEZES the camera and these are just JPEG images.

If I take several photos in rapid succession, the camera freezes while processing the images and there is nothing I can do while it's doing it.

Of the 7 mirrorless cameras I currently have in possesion, only Panasonic G3 and GF2 which shows the camera takes many seconds accessing (writing to) the memory card.
However, at least I can still do something else while it is writing to the card.

Someone has mentioned and I like to rephrase, how ironic that Samsung, the largest memory manufacturer in the world does not put enough memory buffer and faster processing power on their cameras.

What's the point of having 8 fps shooting speed if the camera freezes up after I take 11 images.

Not only that, even reviewing images can incur PROCESSING time. How frustrating it can be.

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