There is only one true mirrorless "system"....

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There is only one true mirrorless "system"....

all this talk of which CSC brand will come out on top over time is pretty null and void at present, because as it stands there is only one format that can even claim to be a "system", clearly that is m4/3's. In my smallish bag I am carrying the 7-14mm, 12-35mm and 100-300mm as well as a small collection of primes like the 20mm F1.7 and 45mm F1.8. Now take the first three lenses, they don't even exist in any other CSC brand. I have my doubts whether the first two ever will from some manufacturers, and the 100-300mm most definitely won't on any APS-C mirrorless camera. I know some will now tell me that this is ok, you can crop so you don't need one but you can also do that on an m4/3's camera and personally I think the advantage is with the lens.

Now I await for someone to tell me "Yes but you can mount all those Canon/Sony lenses on the NEX or EOS M"! That's not a CSC system, that's a kludge, that's doing something just because you can. I'm talking about true native lenses. I've been down the attaching DSLR lenses to small cameras road and it gets very boring very quickly, its just not a viable solution unless you want to use a tripod, in which case why bother? just use the camera they were originally designed for. Ergonomically it just doesn't work long term.

So when I hear the usual refrain whenever another brand joins the CSC club I have to smile. M4/3's stands out as the only true system of all of them and Panasonic and Olympus are the only manufacturers who have truly committed to giving us a full system to replace DSLR's. Sure Canon will sell lots of it's new bar of soap with kit lens/pancake but who cares ? it isn't a system so it doesn't truly compete with m4/3s anyway. This may change over time (a long time) but no need to fret, as an m4/3's user, there's only one real CSC system in town :).
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