K30.. the end of k5

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rogerstpierre wrote:

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

I think that with the introduction of the k30 and the preliminary reviews from dpr, our beloved k5 will be in its way out and will be slowly supplanted by the k30.

That the K30 is on top of the K-5 is very arguable. Not in my book. IQ wise it's on par, it has a few increased spec (e.g. video) but fall short in many other areas incl. body strength, quietness, lack of top LCD, shutter, battery pack etc. hence was not designed to be "on top" of the K-5. It has good IQ, but a quality camera is more than just a good IQ, it's the sum of all it's features, and as such, the K30 doesn't even come close to replacing the K-5.



Roger I think you are right, which is why I recently upgraded from my K-x to a K-5. Going back to the more generously-specced body reminds me how much I enjoyed using my old K10D, and the K-7 that got stolen on a train. If you are using a camera intensively for several hours at a time, you get reminded that image quality is absolutely not the only consideration. Ease of access to vital adjustments counts for a lot.

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