EOS mirrorless. Is this real?

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re: or... that sensor on Nex7-like body with 31.9 Mpx APS-C

altair8800 wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

altair8800 wrote:

Edymagno wrote:

Too early for analysis but it seems to be an aps-c Nikon 1. Nothing more.

Nothing more, but much less. The Nikon V1 has a EVF but this thing has no viewfinder!

V1 is hobbled with a puny sensor, but at least besides EVF it has also an
on-sensor PDAF which actually works, quite well too - even while tracking
fairly dynamic scenes at 10 fps;

Since I am a birder looking for lighter handheld gear, I do not consider it hobbled with a puny sensor, just more reach with noise I can live with. However, I would want to use it with long lenses, not the puny ones available in that mount. With the adapter for the big lenses, you lose AF tracking. That sensor in a D400 or 7D body would be good. Or that 50Mp sensor in a 5D IV or 1D V.

I do agree fully, although my dream body would be Nex7-like MILC,
with that sensor pitch = this would yield 31.88 Mpx (although preferably
with Sony's S/N and DR; Nikon used an Aptina sensor); preserving those
fantastic on-sensor PDAF achievements of Nikon's N1 !! Or better still,
all that by coupled with Canon's 1Dx/xxD UI and controls = this would
be a true EOS-M that I wanted to see last Monday :P; In fact it would
be a small camera I always wanted to use ever since EOS was introduced
over two decades ago, even if it'd cost as much as a small seaworthy

sort of almost too funny, as if they're saying: "at Nikon we can, but at
Canon they can't !!!" :P,

Hopefully, Canon will announce more interesting cameras shortly.

perhaps, perhaps - we can always daydream

street candids (non-interactive):
music and dance:
wildlife & macro:
interactive street:

Comments and critique are always welcome!

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