Conserned switching from canon to Nikon (D800e)

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Re: Conserned switching from canon to Nikon (D800e)

There are no color issues. There may be some learning curve as to how you process Nikon files for skin tones, and even that will depend on the kind of skin tones you like. Those coming from Canon and who like or prefer canon skin tones, should download Nikon D2x profiles for Lightroom available for free form Adobe site, or some have reported to have great experience with PSkiss "Cross Camera Color DNG profiles" at a price. The problem lies not with the color output of the camera, but with the camera profiles and different RAW conversions. I personally use D2x profiles from Adobe that I tweaked a little bit for my tastes and saved as preset to use during import, that way I don't have any color issues that some folks experience. The problems for Nikon RAW conversion begans with Adobe Standard profile often times more than not.

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