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Re: Pattern noise update

Let me ask an honest question....have you seen his photographs? How do you rate him as a photographer?

davexl wrote:

If my name was Lloyd Chambers, it would be an "advertisement". As I am not him, and have no links to him, this was a "recommendation".

I should have just posted: "hey guys, I found this guy did a great job with camera X, he just got his 1Dx, watch this space."

When I posted there was only a page or two up on ISO - not something I want to summarise because I think you really have to see that stuff for yourself.

Since I posted, he has put up an example on pattern noise and banding which is what I was most interested in, and worth a look.

Without getting into details, this confirms what we have seen elsewhere - for those hoping that Canon was saving something special for the 1Dx that they could not/would not manage to do for the 5D-III, it seems the answer is no. (in ACR at any rate)

While you can shoot the 1Dx more appropriately - overexpose and pull highlights rather than D800-style push shadows, the fact is that Canon is a generation behind on dynamic range. Not a huge deal for most of the 1Dx intended audience, but sad for those wanting more than the 5D-III can provide.

So my interest in the 1Dx just dried up, I am sure it will still be an amazing machine for the Olympics though.

tonywong wrote:

So this is just a glorified advertisement then? You may not want to quote him, but a quick summary wouldn't be out of bounds.

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