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now there's

Mentor_1 wrote:

no matter how intelligent they start out just seem to turn into the most illiterate and unintelligible pile of bull stough in rather short order and the interesting part I notice is that it seems to be about 90% American participants that start the idiocy by posting something that has absolutely nothing to do with the the OP and eventually ends up about politics or guns,,,, WTF?

OK now lads start beating on me with your guns and politics or perhaps try to explain this phenomenon to us if you can.

a face that only a Mother could love. I do hope someone has a spare round of ammo, somewhere...

The 'phenomenon' I've wondered about is the ever present group of ignoramuses spending large portions of their lives hanging out on photography forums fretting over what someone else (primarily of American heritage) is doing. Particularly when the subject involves just about anything but photography.

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