The World's First Serious Mirror-less camera

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Re: He may be right.

Marvin Doering wrote:

I have both the NEX-7 and E-M5. Both have locked up on me a couple of times, the NEX-7 at my niece's wedding. I had to shut them off and restart them. Not being a professional it didn't really matter except I missed the dancing shot which a real wedding pro would not put up with. Also, there are very few great lenses available, at least not with AF and/or stabilization. They take great pictures and in general I like both of them very much, but to call them pro systems is taking liberties with the word "pro." I have previously had several OLY SLR's, a Canon SLR, and a Nikon SLR. I never missed a single shot with any of them so I have to think that, while nice and comfortable to carry, you have to be prepared to miss a shot occasionally and most Pros will not accept that.

The issue is not whether the Nex-7, or the E-M5 are pro cameras or not (at the time of its launch, Olympus clearly stated that the E-M5 wasn't a pro camera), but whether the Canon EOS-M, which lacks a VF, has less external controls than an E-Px or Gx camera can be named a pro camera at all, whether the first or the tenth, without covering oneself of ridiculous.

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