My first impression of Samsung NX210

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My first impression of Samsung NX210

I just got my NX210 yesterday and I have been playing around with it since.
It is a very nice feature-rich cameras.

What I like:

-Highly intuitive USER INTERFACE

By far, this is the BEST user interface among all mirrorless cameras that I have. Most common settings are available through buttons or button + dial combination.

Important settings are displayed by default on the screen as if I am looking through an OVF of a Canon DSLR. That's why I feel at home quickly.

Not only that, the icons and font size are perfect. Big enough to be noticable without covering too much of the screen. This is the BEST on-screen layout compared to other mirrorless cameras.
I also love the i-fn button to quickly adjust certain settings.

With no touch screen, Samsung really designed the user interface really well that I don't miss it. There are just enough buttons and dial to cover nearly every settings.


The menu is cleverly organized. The font type and size are perfect. The overlay is also very georgeous. This is the BEST among mirrorless cameras.

-Bright and vivid VGA AMOLED display

Not too much different than the 920k/1040k TFT matrix I am used to see but certainly MUCH better than most Panasonic and Olympus m43 cameras.

-AF performance

Not the fastest but fast enough to be usable in most situations. I love how easy it is to change the size of the AF area and to move it around the screen even though it has no touch screen. Again, very well thought of.

-OIS performance

Really good. I constantly got 3-stop gain. With the 18-55 kit lens, I could get sharp pictures down to 1/5 sec shutter speed shooting at 55mm handheld. This is neck to neck with Sony NEX 5N performance. I am going to receive the 50-200 in a couple days and will test the OIS on it, comparing it with Canon telezoom lenses I have.


I took test close-up portrait pictures (indoor) and compared it againts the 5N. I have to say the results on the Sony appear noticably sharper, more contrast and have more details than on the NX210.

When I took test pictures on objects with tiny text, both cameras are neck to neck in producing details. Overall I am still very pleased with NX210 results.

-High ISO / low light performance

At ISO 1600 and above it appears that the NX210 produces more noise than the 5N. Even at lower ISO, NX210 produces rather noise shadow area. Overall though I am pleased and think the results are acceptable with some room for improvement.

-For a system with clip-on external flash, Samsung NX210 produces the best designed flash compared to Olympus EPM1 and Sony NEX 5N.

I think that's all I can think of, now what I don't like.

-the kit lens zoom ring feels uneven. It starts easy from 18mm up and then it gets harder closer toward 45-55mm. From 55mm it feels hard until 24mm then suddenly it has less resistance.

If I press the lens barrel gently, it also creaks seems to indicate thinner or cheaper plastic. No other kits lens from other cameras I have exhibits this characteristic.

-The top dial is too small and/or placed wrong on top of the camera. Since this dial is heavily used, it is better to place it at the back of the camera. Using thumb to rotate the dial is better and less awkward than using the tip of your index finger.

As a comparison, despite its diminutive size, Pentax Q has a huge dial that far more comfortable to use than the top dial on NX210.

If I am to redesign the NX210, I will exchange the location of the top dial with the movie record button. The movie record button is better activated with index finger while adjustment dial is better operated by thumb finger.

The location and the smallness of top dial is my second biggest gripe with NX210.

-While I really like the design of the clip-on flash that attaches to the hot-shoe, the tolerance is very tight. I almost couldn't remove it without breaking it. I wonder how long it's gonna last before it breaks. Like the kit lens, it makes me question the quality of workmanship of this camera.

-No touch screen and no flip screen

Samsung saving grace is its user interface is well designed as I mentioned above.

-No connector for external remote (wired or wireless)

That's all I can think of but I am sure I have at least one more.

All in all there are much to love than to hate of this camera. I plan to keep mine and probably even add more lenses.

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