ByThom, I challenge you to a duel

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Re: ByThom, I challenge you to a duel

You just revealed a lot about yourself and your judgement by the way you compare Thom to KR.

If Thom would not have changed his recommendation in light of how many cameras have issues and the way it's (not) being handled, it would be a disservice to the photo community. I stand with him on this one.

f56andbethere wrote:

I am rather disappointed with Thom's wild claims. I have an 800 and an 800E, and both are seemingly perfect. Perhaps I got lucky, or perhaps the number of problem bodies is over-dramatized.

Either way, this is about as close to Ken Rockwell as it gets for him. Perhaps getting hits is now more important than being objective.

Even IF your left AF sucks, relax and take a breather. Work around it until you can get it to Nikon. Sure, that's no fun, but the camera is pretty amazing in every other regard, even if that's an issue for you.

There is no solid basis to say the camera, as a whole, is NOT RECOMMENDED. That's just silly... completely silly, Thom. You're better than that, or so I thought. These are the extreme month-to-month sensationalist claims you find on Rockwell's site. BEST CAMERA EVER... CAMERA SUCKS... no... THIS IS THE BEST CAMERA EVER... the 18-55 is all you need PERIOD, etc.

The 800 and 800E continue to make my jaw drop in many ways. Like no other camera before it. Chillax with the left AF, it doesn't nullify the $3K spent if it's not perfect, and it can be fixed. I can spend $3K on a box of broken glass, and it won't take any sort of pictures at all. So it's still a worthy investment. Stop being dramatic Thom... your credibility was something I once valued.

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