D3s vs D800 storm braining

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Re: D3s vs D800 storm braining

Having shot with a D3 for several years and having replaced it with a D800E I can state that the D800E with the battery pack grip is better in every respect except the fps and buffer size in terms of shots that can be stored before writing to the CF card.

That includes the internal commander flash which I love. It is great to be able to trigger a remote flash without having to mount the SU-800 and carry around special backup batteries for it.

With the D800E I can shoot 15 RAW image files before filling up the buffer at which point it takes 15 seconds to clear as the dumb firmware will not let me shoot until the buffer is completely clear again. Hopefully Nikon will fix this in the next release of the firmware for the camera. Personally I never shoot at more than 5 fps and do bursts of 10 shots or less. It is a royal pain to sort through dozens of identical images later and better not to take so many in the first place.

In terms of image quality I was surprised to find that I could shoot JPEGs in high quality with the D800 and enlarge them to 90% of the amount I could do with a D3 RAW file. That makes JPEG's a lot more viable in some settings. It also takes away the fps and buffer limitations of the camera when shooting.

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