Shutter lag in NEX compared to DSLR

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Get the NEX-5N with electronic first curtain ...

The electronic first curtain in NEX-5N (and NEX-7, and probably NEX-F3) eliminates the shutter lag and makes it better than even most of the higher-end DSLRs in this respect.

The "pre-focused capture times" from imaging-resource:

D700: 0.053s
NEX-C3: 0.114s
NEX-5N: 0.022

And yes the issue that you are facing is real. I had exactly the same problem many years ago when I went from a Canon 40D to a Sony A100 DSLR. The shutter lag on the A100 meant that I often missed spontaneous expressions from my baby daughter for which I had not much trouble with 40D. Took me a while to figure out that it was the shutter lag.

KennethKwok wrote:

I only take family photos.
I enjoy using my Nikon D700, but the disadvantages of D700 are
Big size and heavy
AF points only in the centre: need to focus and recompose

A generous relative gave a Sony NEX-C3 to me, with the 2 kit lens.
I enjoy that I just "point and shoot" with NEX. No need to select
AF point, and just compose, and shoot,
not "focus-> recompose-> shoot"
Children moves very quickly, and a quick sequence is useful.
And it is so much lighter. On my neck all day, and I don't even feel it.

Yet, I feel that the "shutter lag" is higher compared to D700.
(or slow LCD recycling rate compared to the light speed Optical Viewfinder
of D700)

So, I would have half pressed shutter, and
prefocused on my 2 year old daughter's eye.
When I see a smile (of short time duration) on my daughter's face,
I press the shutter button all the way.

It may not always capture the smile.
I have bigger success with D700.

I am posting to find out if
(1) the "see on LCD screen -> press shutter-> photo capture" time
is just longer for mirrorless NEX, as on all other mirrorless cameras.
(2) All others are not having this issue. It's just my lack of skills.
(3) Are higher models (e.g. NEX7) better?
(4) are other mirrorless better?

Many thanks for your opinion and comments.

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