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Re: To any Naysayers that DO NOT have the camera...

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

I own the D800e, and it is utterly amazing in ALMOST every regard.

To say "not recommended" is emotional and not objective reporting (period).

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There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

You sound pretty emotional yourself. The camera has clearly excited you. That's okay but isn't that also emotional and personal?

And who cares if somebody (and I don't care who it is) posts on their website that they don't recommend a product. Just about every venue I know of has some sort of personal or institutional bias. I think we all learned that from day one. We learn to read between the lines and use our own critical skills to come to our own conclusions. If not, then we are just falling in line like mindless sheep.

You've made the decision that you like the camera. Hopefully you did that on your own as a free thinking adult. Don't take it so personally if somebody else wants to disagree even if it's a self-proclaimed Nikon expert or some guy on the street. You're happy with your purchase. Now go out and use it.

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