Brand New ZS15 owner, need some help.

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Re: Brand New ZS15 owner, need some help.

Yes Jack you were very helpful and I figured it was overexposure since the ones I posted that were darker were underexsposed. I am learning some stuff, actually in this thread someone said to change the exposure compensation for underexsposured by 1/3. Who that mentioned it said on his ZS3 I think, it could be done in Auto mode. I called Panasonic tech and the guy had no clue what exposure compensation was, shocked me. He said I must be talking to photo experts and the ZS3 was an earlier model and left it at that. Shutter button down until green frame is up. I did change all settings back to factory and the darker situation pics look bright. I do have Photoshop, but if my ZS15 has a exposure compensation in the menu I haven't found it..yet....thank you!

Jack Brandt217 wrote:

Hello again Mick, That photo is an example of overexposure. That means the camera sensor has recieved too much light. That can be fixed by editing it in an editing program such as Photoshop Elements or Picasa to name just 2 of many. The best solution to that problem would be to lessen the amount of light the sensor recieves. This can be achieved by setting the exposure compensation in the camera to minus 1/3, minus 2/3 or even minus 1. There should be a way to do that in the camera's menu. Find someone who is familiar with digital cameras to do that for you and you will notice improved results. Also, you sometimes have to press the shutter button halfway and hold it there for a second so the camera has time to come to proper focus.

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I have tried to use terminology that woud be understandable to a beginner. Hope I have succeded. Keep plugging away and it will all fall into place.


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