Dpreview should also change rating of D800(e) to not recommended.

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Re: Dpreview should also change rating of D800(e) to not recommended.

u007 wrote:

quadraticadder wrote:

Nikon needs multiple kicks in the @ss to get them moving on this issue. I'm thoroughly disgusted that they would sell a $3500 dollar camera (D800e, Canada) with this issue, and then not even aknowledge it. Nikon should stop all sales, and properly repair or refund all they sold.

No they shouldn't.

It's a minor problem which affects SOME cameras. Most people probably won't even use or notice the left side AF points, and all this internet hysteria has made people paranoid. Thom even said that himself. A minority of people complaining the loudest.

did i tell you that? even $500 camera has all working AF points!

how dare you saying it is minor problem. you just like a having only right turnable car!

What's more, if you get a d800 which does have the problem, you send it for a free repair.

There are tens of thousands of people enjoying the d800. It has the best image quality of any dSLR on the market right now, period. The AF system is the most advanced too, along with the d4 and the 5d3. I've had zero AF problems with my d800 - subject tracking is excellent and accurate. Focuses in almost total darkness.

This is a problem which will be fixed on the production line, and Nikon will repair any cameras which need to be repaired in due course.

You should stop kidding yourselves that this is a HUGE problem and that it affects ALL d800s. That simply isn't true.

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