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Re: 2 VERY important points

Harold66 wrote:

Hello Ken

I think your post brings about 2 VERY interesting points

I do not know ONE photographer that does not have MORE THAN ONE bags . Most of them admit they have TOO MANY bags . I was one of them once ( up to 12 or 14 bags) but now I am down to three

heh - I will have to tell my wife that some of my fellow photographers have had up to 14 bags at a single time. Maybe she won't think my number is excessive

I have sold a few over the years, so at the moment I have the following:

  • Thinktank Retrospective 5 - My main m4/3 kit bag

  • Domke f5xb - Similar in size to the Retro 5, but not as much room for accessories. I use this one on the belt of my child carrier backpack for hikes with the family.

  • Tenba Lens Wraps (various sizes) These are inexpensive thinly padded wraps that I use to wrap up lenses (as well as my GF1 or E-M5) to carry them in non-camera bags like my bicycle's handlebar bag and a non-camera-specific messenger bag. These wraps have velcro corners to stay closed. Often I will just line the bottom of a bag with one and drop the camera+lens in unwrapped.

  • LowePro Primus AW Backpack - Works well with either my Nikon DSLR or my m4/3 gear. Camera gear goes in the bottom half and other stuff in the top half. Carries a tripod.

  • Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home - My main DSLR kit shoulder bag.

  • Crumpler 3 Million Dollar Home - Very small shoulder bag for carrying a m4/3 camera plus two lenses. I don't use this much.

  • Crumpler camera insert for my bicycle messenger bag (way too padded).

I also think the padding of the bag is also a VERY important factor when choosing a bag. I started with well padded bags and realized a few years ago when getting my Domke F that less padding was often better especially for bags carried around the shoulder

I agree. Too much padding = too much bulk. The Thinktank Retro 5 is very nice in this respect. Not over-padded at all.

This is why I do not like crumpler bags for instance. but as you said , there are different tastes out there

Crumpler has gotten better about this in their later bags, but they are still probably more padded than the Domke or ThinkTanks. I bought my first Crumpler camera bag in 2004, and it was ridiculously over-padded. The bag was very stiff and bulky... larger than my TT Retro 5 despite having less room. I also had a Crumpler backpack with a similar problem. I sold both. My first generation 7 Million Dollar Home is much more appropriately padded... though still more than necessary in my opinion. The newer Million Dollar Home bags seem to have thinned out just a bit more.

I am working on my camera equipement blog/webiste and this site will feature more camera bags reviews than any other website
stay tuned. Should be launched by end of september

Being a bag fan, I'd love to see it! I have found to be very useful over the years, but there are not a lot of m4/3-centric bags or reviews there.


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