I cant believe it!!! (CANON)

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Re: I cant believe it!!! (CANON)

Heechee wrote:

For photos I will continue to prefer my 7D. For video I would be looking at a new body and new lenses, so Canon offers little its competitors wouldn't do better.

Given that this body is a mirrorless Rebel, why would you expect a camera to woo you away from a 7D?

I do find the value/dollar for the camera questionable. Compared to a Rebel or advanced point and shoot it seems a few hundred dollars too expensive.

I don't think Canon expects 7d/1d owners to be buyers of this camera. I know I'm not interested. If Canon releases a Fuji-like body as it develops this camera line, they'll have my attention then. I think this is a walk, then run plan from Canon. I can't fault them for that.

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