Night shooting noise, Help!

Started Jul 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP lukeols Junior Member • Posts: 28
Re: looks normal

Is this a common problem known to the pen sensors (or panny?)

So, i will turn on black fram subtration in future shots, but as you can see in the shot with the treetops and stars, there is still a lot of noise. Without buying another camera (definitely not in the budget any time soon), what else can be done? i'd be willing to look at other lenses. Are there others that will allow more light to reach the sensor, and therefore allowing a "shorter" shot? Will that even solve the problem?

I have also not tried a lot of post processing... Is this another option?

As far as seeming normal... I've seen other shots taken with Pens that have looked much better, so i am optimistic (maybe overly) that i can accomplish this as well.

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