Dpreview should also change rating of D800(e) to not recommended.

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Re: It would be pointless for DPR to change the rating

I've had the same issue. Sent to Nikon UK they didn't fix it. I wrote to them to ask them if they are aware of this particular issue plus the way certain people in Germany and Holland and also Ming Thien have been informed about a special fix to calibrate each focus point (and it has worked) and they seem totally unaware.

I would suggest any other Brits write to Nikon UK and ask - it might prompt them to find out what's going on. Though you would think Nikon in Japan would be able to put the information out to their subsidiaries I have no idea how it works.

drifter605 wrote:

Nikon UK don't seem aware even though they have had returns to repair!
Dear Alan,

Thank you for your email.

I would like to confirm that currently there are no recognised manufacturing problems with D800. Small percentage of cameras may be affected by certain issues, including loss of AF accuracy, due to various factors. If you find your camera not performing up to expectations, you are always welcome to have it readjusted in our Service Department within the manufacturer's warranty. Also, all conditions that fall under manufacturer's responsibility (and are covered by the warranty) can be fixed by our technicians.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again in case of any questions.

Kind regards,

Aleksander Nowak
Nikon Europe Support

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