Why Canon is going to win the EVIL market

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Re: What lenses?

woof woof wrote:

whoodle wrote:

Given the fact Sony hasn't released ONE e-mount lens of note in last year, I have no idea why anyone would get the NEX7.

The 3 & 5? Sure...they're not for enthusiasts. But for serious photographers, the lack of lens options must be infuriating. Not just for the lack of choice itself, but it shows that Sony really doesn't care about that segment of the market.

THAT is pretty serious.

Because nothing Panny make can match Nex 7 DR and IQ? I mainly use manual lenses with my Panny G1 and if I bought a Nex 7 I'd mainly use manual lenses... but I'd get better DR and general IQ.

Personally I hate the no marking FBW lenses that are taking over the non DSLR world but if Sony or Sigma brought out a 30/35mm f1.4 for the Nex I'd probably bite despite FBW as I'd have a fast normal AF lens for when I needed it and the rest of the time I could use my MF lenses with a compact APS-C body.

If Canon get their act together and beat Panny for DR and general IQ, as I think they almost certainly will, and can get anywhere near the AF speed of MFT I may well bite, especially if there's a f1.4 standard prime. TBH I suspect that Panny will lose more ground due to a string of ho-hum models and increased competition.

Obviously you are not aware of huge problems the NEX7 has with legacy lenses. I actually considered the NEX7, went to the store and tested it with some Zeiss and Voigjtlander for Contax G lenses, and the results were very poor compared even with basic but native lenses. Only the center was good.

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