Nikon D800 vs Canon 5d Mark III

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Re: Nikon D800 vs Canon 5d Mark III

I am a Canon user and a 5DIII owner. Personally I think you would be insane to switch. Both cameras (and lenses) are capable of excellent results. Debating whether Nikon or Canon is a better system is fruitless IMHO, especially given your substantial investment in lenses. If I could offer only one suggestion. Start shooting in RAW and using post processing to determine the white balance and hue you prefer. You just give up too much control over your final image by shooting jpegs
Colin Smith

I agree with Colin, It's silly to debate whether one system is better than the other. Your issue with color is in the processing of the image, especially if you're shooting JPEG. You have to tell the camera, or computer how you want to processed the image. What you're really saying is you like the default setting on the Canon. A default setting is not what I would consider it important factor in deciding what camera your going to spend $3-$4000 on.

If you really want to get into landscapes especially night landscapes you need to start shooting raw. I also agree that once you're invested in lenses from a specific brand it's best to stick with that brand. The differences between these cameras are really not that significant, if you want to see a big difference start shooting raw, look at your technique, and how you process the images.

If you have a D7000, the layout of controls of the D800e will be very familiar. This makes a big difference in the dark.

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