Ken Rockwell...EOS M world's first serious mirrorless.

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Re: He really showed his a$$ on this one.

Rehabdoc wrote:

Kent's comment about the camera being the first serious mirrorless blah blah sound alike the words of a hired shill. Because pros can judge for themselves, the only people he influence are the stupid buyers who know little and rely on this type of comment to legitimize their purchase.

Well, I can assure you he doesn't get paid by any of the camera manufacturer's.

I met the guy a couple of years ago and have to say that he's a nice person and very intelligent. Many of the things he says on his site are misleading and almost everything is based on his personal opinion, only.

I haven't been to his site in a long time but his home page used to warn people that he likes to joke around and that some of what he says should be taken lightly.

I'm sure that when he compared the new Canon or any of the other mirrorless cameras to a "professional" grade camera, he was joking.

He does make money from his site but I honestly think he does what he does more for fun than anything else. He doesn't expect people to base their camera buying decisions 100% on what he says. If you do, you might be disappointed.

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