For those who've used Fuji x100....

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Re: For those who've used Fuji x100....

But when you go here:

and compare the Panasonic G3 with the X100 and include the new Oly E-M5 and, say, the EP-3, all of those look much better at ISO1600 (or any other ISO) than the my eyes, at least, the E-M5 looks the best...


Michael is also right on. The high iso in the Fuji's is outstanding a beyond anything I have used in the past. Including Nikon and Canon. Fuji really mastered it. Also the colors are better, different. Nothing wrong with Olympus colors at all but the Fuji seems to replicate a more dimensional look. Fuji X pro 1 however is a pain in Lightroom when it comes to raw files. But it also has exceptional Jpegs.

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