FZ200. How Many FZ150 Users will upgrade?

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Thanks for all the replies, folks. It’s been interesting reading most of ‘em.

In some ways I envy those who are financially stable enough to afford/pre-order the new FZ200. Yet I view the bulk of images I’ve taken with my FZ150 and conclude from the quality last year’s model affords me that I really should wait, maybe even until the FZ200 is replaced next year before upgrading. In all but a few instances where low light is concerned, I just don’t see how the FZ200 will produce better still photographs than the FZ150. In my experience the 150 truly is one heck of a special camera and I see very little degradation between ISO 800 and 400 with this particular model. Yes, with F2.8, the FZ200 will give ISO 200 where the 150 affords only ISO 400.

But on those occasions were F2.8 at 400mm plus range is required, I shall persevere with my long-in-the-tooth FZ20 and its much slower focus for the time being and unless the current financial climate improves. Indeed, the FZ200 could well be a worthy replacement for the 150. In all fairness I believe the better EVF would be worth a trade-in. Since opening this thread last week, however, I’ve become less influenced by the gadget envy I was feeling at the time. F2.8 at 600 mm is no mean achievement and Panasonic/Lieca should be proud of themselves. Yet next year there’s a huge chance that we’ll see something even more special appear via this wonderful conglomerate. Consequently I’m now prepared to wait an extra 12 months that are sure to pass exceptionally quickly, courtesy of the sheer fun, enjoyment and generally excellent results the FZ150 brings my way.

In the unlikely event that I win the lottery or rob a bank in between time, I just don’t see the sense in spending £500 on a camera in 2012 and a further £500 in 2013 when I actually shelled out almost £500 in 2011. And in the unlikely event that the FZ200 replacement doesn’t prove to be as good as I expect it to be, I’ll be able to purchase the 2012 model at a 2013 post-replacement discount price. In the meantime I’ll keep an eye on the developments of those who buy and use the FZ200. I genuinely don’t, however, expect to see much, if any, improvement over FZ150 image quality in 90% of situations during which I would find the FZ200 a more useful tool, confirmed by the rare number of occasions I call on the F2.8 aperture of my FZ20.

So, in closing, good luck to all future FZ200 users, whether you upgrade from the FZ150 or not. Happy snapping, folks!

Regards always,

Stevie Boy

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