Some X-pro 1 street pics

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Re: Some X-pro 1 street pics

fritzli wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

Stay with it - these are FINE for someone relatively new to the genre. Technically they're completely fine - very good. They just need to tell a bit more of a story. The main thing is if you enjoy the process, keep going out and doing it and in time you'll get more comfortable shooting and so you'll get more discriminating about WHAT you're shooting. Now it probably feels like an accomplishment to just GET the shot of people in public. But in time that will become second nature and then you can start focussing on what's going on in the shot.

hi Rey, thank you for your honest critique. i think it is aimed to me te OP?

Yeah, it was. Sorry I wasn't clear about that.

bear in mind that i tried the x-pro just for a weekend. i'm nowhere familiar w/ the camera. however, the sentence i emphasized above expresses exactly how i'm felling actually trying street photography. thanks again for your helpful input.

I fully understand and I can totally relate - I think everyone who gets into street shooting probably goes through that same stage or something very close to it. And I was hesitant to say anything because you're on EXACTLY the right track and I don't want to in ANY way discourage you from keeping at it. At first everything seems to be moving so fast and there's so much to think about between the camera (particularly if its new to you) and just seeing what's happening around you. I remember coming back and being pleased as could be with any shot that was even remotely competent at getting a person or two in the screen with ANY sort of context. Over time, as you do a lot of it, the equipment becomes second nature and everything starts to slow down and you become much more aware of scanning a scene and locking onto something that looks like it might be developing, or a moment that's already happening that looks like it might last another second or two, stuff like that. And as you get better at spotting the opportunities, you get better at getting the shots. I've been doing it a LOT for a couple of years now and I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but I love the process - its just a great improvisational dance out there that I find incredibly enjoyable. And every now and then I get a few shots I like...

So, please stay with it and keep sharing your progress.


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