Canon 18-135mm STM Lens - Got it!

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Re: Thanks for your honest review.....that's too bad

Timbukto wrote:

I have taken non-weather sealed glass out in the rain with my t3i before, they come back working, and actually I sold them in great condition with great resale value.

Keep spreading FUD about how all non WR-specced gear will instantly break when used in the rain so that you can justify why the K-30 is styled like a pair of Reeboks. Weather sealing is indeed very useful, but there is no need to spread FUD about how your gear will instantly die in the weather without it. Yes the 18-135 STM is still consumer grade, but its much   much better than the Pentax 18-135 in IQ and I would be willing to shoot it in the rain. Some apparently are willing to call me rich because of that...I call it being sensible about its limits.

Google t3i and rain, and you'll get pictures and videos of the t3i being used in the rain...not FUD about it instantly breaking.

How do you know its much   much better, have you shot the Pentax 18-135 or is this the Canon sheeple fanboy in you talking big? You keep shooting in the rain. Your setup will work until it doesn't. I hope your camera can keep cashing the checks your bravado is writing.

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