Anybody noticed: EOSM is smaller than GF5

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Shocking crazy non-sense...

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I don't think the m4/3 system is anywhere near top level image quality, but I have no issue with the latest cameras, because it is generally, good enough to not be the weakest link.

I assume you are attempting to be serious.

He has a point. The majority of the current m4/3 cameras today have dated sensors that have been recycled since the first generation. There are exceptions of course (such as the E-M5), but they are more the exception.

the 12mp cameras take fine pictures. The 4/3 sensors past the cababilty of fillm long ago. The sensor is not the weakest link.

Lenses are.

Just look at some of the stuff people are producing with PENs and GH-2's with good lenses.

The quest for the perfect sensor at this point is for most photographers senseless.

If you can't take a good picture with an e-p3 or a GH-2 the sensor is not the problem.


I agree. Most modern cameras take fine pictures, if not at the extremes of their capabilities.

The usability factor and lenses are the crux to me, unless for really specialized use. The autofocus speed, the way a camera feels (and Canon users probably will like cameras that "feel" like Canons) the ability to see and compose in bright light (no EVF). Like AE Newman said: "What me worry?". Some have compared this camera to the EPL1, I don't think the usability factor compares at most of the M43 cameras.

It seems a camera made for the specific property of not challenging Canon's DSLR sales.

I don't see tedolf's posts. But he raises an interesting point. If 3.5 year old sensors is not the weakest link, but lenses are, that tells us how crummy m4/3 lenses are, which then raises the point - why bother buying m4/3 cameras with better sensors such as the E-M5

Unless you need weather sealing or five axis stabilization for video.......



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