Sorting Your Albums - How?

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Sorting Your Albums - How?


My total amount of Digital Albums has raised lately, and it's getting hard to find stuff. This is going to be a bit long, so please bare with me
So far - all I did was to sort Albums by Folders, for example:

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My Pictures
|--- Trip to New York |---- 01- Airplane Shoot |---- 02- Hotel |---- 03- City Center |---- 01-Times Sqaure
|-----02-Broadway |---- 04- Shuttle Back home

First is the Album name 'Trip to New York', following by sub-directories (For example ' Hotel). The Numbers before the Sections Names represent the chronical order of things.

Now, my problem is that now I have quite a lot of 'Albums' and it's getting hard to find something if you can't remember the folder name, and that sometimes 'Sections' are getting complex. For example: Pictures 1 to 10 are pictures from times Square, Picture 11 is a picture of a dog I took while walking from Times Square to Broadway f and pictures 12-20 is Broadway. It will translate to:

01- Times Square
02 - The Walk from Times Square to Broadway (one dog pictures inside)
03 - Broadway

Which is quite stupid

What I mostly do, is just toss the 'non subject-able' pictures under the Album name with no Sub Directory, but then I lose the chronical order of events.

Any best practices or good advises on how to sort everything by folders? I prefer not to use 3rd party applications, but in case no better solutions will pop, i'll go ahead and do it.
Thanks you.

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